If The Muse Is late, Start without her

or: “Why sit and wait for the right amount of energy and inspiration when you can sit down, make something bad and stupid until it’s not bad and stupid.” Power through until you make something amazing.

My work

Dublin Murder Squad Book Campaign

This was the final project of the semester: a full campaign including book jackets, a poster, display, box set, and trailer. I illustrated the background images in Adobe Illustrator and used a reverse out effect for the figures. My goal was to create an aesthetic that spoke to the gritty nature of the series without coming across as too melodramatic.


For the trailer, I incorporated all of the illustrations from the cover with a parallax effect, as well as some simple character rigging done in adobe Animate and some animated type.

Print and Web material

Motion Graphics

What happens when you take a girl who loves animation and stick her into a graphic design program? She finds motion graphics and gets her grubby little goblin hands all up in that.

I love Paramore’s newest album “After Laughter”. There’s a very 80’s vibe with their sound that’s super fun and upbeat, but if you really listen to the lyrics, it’s sort of melancholy. To me, “Told You So” felt like hearing the phrase “It’s only going to get worse” over and over. I think you can accept that things are bad and going to stay bad, or you can try to make things a little less bad.